Infraction Expungement

Cost: $500.00

Infraction Expungement

These days anyone with a computer and some money can perform a criminal background check. It is essential that you have a clean record when nearly 80% of employers will check to see if you have any misdemeanors, infractions or felonys. Even if you were never charged or the charges were dismissed, arrest records can also appear on the databases criminal background checks use.

Landlords, employers, and even schools will be hesitant to hire you or rent to you if there is any hint of criminal activity regardless if it was just some poor judgement. Contact California Expungement Attorneys to make sure that any infraction or other criminal record does not hold you back.

What are Infractions?

Infractions are not considered a crime and do not sentence jail time if you plead guilty. Some examples of infractions are speeding tickets, unsafe lane changes, disturbing the peace or petty theft. In some cases a prosecutor has the option of charging you with a misdemeanor or an infraction. If you get an infraction, generally you are obligated to pay a fine and usually probation is not imposed. If you are unsure if you were charged with a misdemeanor or infraction, contact California Expungement Attorneys.

Can Infractions be Expunged?

So long as you meet the following conditions an infraction can be expunged:

  • All terms and conditions completed for your probation
  • If no probation was ordered, you must wait one year from the date of your sentencing
  • You have no criminal charges pending
  • You are not currently on parole

If you are unsure of your sentencing or if you qualify for expungement, request an inquiry with our lawyers.

What will having my infraction expunged do?

Even though your offense is not a misdemeanor or felony, there are some benefits to having your infraction expunged from your record. After the record has been expunged, you will be able to state on any employment application that you have never been convicted of any charges regardless if it is for the government, military or any other employer. Unlike a felony, you are not barred from running for public office or from contracting with the California State Lottery Commission.

How can I get an Expungement?

Request a consultation with California Expungement Attorneys and we will start the process to see if we can get you an expungement, and what records we need to obtain to file a 1203.4 petition. The petition will then be filed with the district attorney and probation department of the area you were sentenced in. After that a court date will be assigned usually a few months in advance. It is unlikely that you will be required to attend court date. Once the expungement is signed a lawyer from our office will make sure that all major criminal databases make the necessary changes so that your infraction is no longer a matter of public record.

Talk to one of our attorneys at California Expungement Attorneys and find out how expunging your record can open up your opportunities.

Cost: $500.00