Arrest Record Sealing

Cost: $750.00

Another option that California Expungement Attorneys can provide for you is sealing your arrest records, juvenile records or drug diversion records. If you were never prosecuted or if your charges were dismissed, we may be able to seal your records under Penal Code Section 858.1. This would make your records unable to be accessed by the public only if a court determines that no reasonable cause exists to believe that you committed the offense for which you were charged. You can be charged with a crime at a Prosecutors discretion if there is seemingly enough evidence to appear that they can link you to a crime. If a judge feels that there is probable or “reasonable” cause to believe you committed the crime, the your arrest records cannot be sealed. Request a consultation and our lawyers at California Expungement Attorneys will review the facts of your case and see whether we can get your record sealed.

If you have gotten a first time offense for possession, drug diversion is usually available. You can petition the court to have your arrest and other records sealed once you have completed the terms and conditions of the diversion program.